How To Be Happy In An Insane World

light of loveNot too many people can read the headlines or watch the news without feeling a sense of frustration and doom with the never-ending stream of bad and sad news that has desensitized us to the point of a flight status. We have had to remove the fight status as a means of survival because the avalanche of insanity is too crushing to overcome in today’s climate.

It takes a lot of mind training, discipline, and a sincere desire for peace to escape the perception of our world that is dished out in megatons by mainstream media every day. The real issue is this: Is there any real hope for healing, and if so, what is the remedy?

One thing is for sure, if we stay focused on the problem, the answer is literally out of sight and out of mind. The problem, as stated, comes in too many forms, sizes, shapes, and seeming complexities to overcome. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that recognizing the underlying cause of each seeming problem will be our saving grace, because all problems are really one and the same. One problem, one solution. There is hope in the simplicity of oneness.

What Is A Miracle?

Our general take on the idea of miracles is that they are religious in nature, wishful thinking on the part of the dreamer, and impossible to prove in a scientific realm. Some would claim it is simply the charm of a snake-oil salesman attempting to use a spectacle as a distraction to trick the audience and fool the masses through magic and sleight-of-hand.

Here is where the first ray of hope emerges. We do not need science to verify our first-hand experience because that would be impossible. This is not to diss the brave hearts that advance medical science, or diligently strive to unravel the mysteries of life. Physical science has  limitations when it comes to helping people release themselves from a meta-physical fear-based scarcity consciousness.

Navigating the power of our mind and controlling our thoughts is going to prove to be our saving grace, usurping all science and religion because it is beyond the rules and laws of this physical world.

Baby Shaba Tells All

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A miracle is a correction device introduced into false thinking. Miracles do not do anything. They simply undo what is wrong by returning the mind to its natural state of joy. There is no fear or chaos in love, and this awareness is what demonstrates that miracles are natural.

The miracle is a sweet dream that releases us from the ego’s insistence that all the cruel hate, the desire for vengeance, the cries of anguish, the fear of death, the unholy urge to murder, and the illusion of separation from love have all banned together to destroy love, and succeeded. The miracle demonstrates that the impossible has never happened, and truth cannot be undone by the illusion of fear.  Undoing is the function of miracles and only applies to illusions.

The means to heal the seeming separation from love is an idea known as forgiveness, which eclipses all agony when the mind is ready to be whole and at peace. How could this be difficult to want over the clear alternative, which has driven the world insane and nearly pushed us off a precipice that leads to our mutually assured destruction – MAD?

Each of us has the mission to take the hand of those who are lonely and fearful and embrace them as we would a cherished brother or sister. This tiny nod to Love is a sign that the miracle – the idea of healing – is more valuable than pain, and that we have acknowledged a better way through the reality of Love.

Changing Our Perception Of The World

This is actually quite simple and completely within our ability as the individual to accomplish. It is also necessary if we wish to escape from conflict and be at peace.

Bringing the problem to the one and only answer there is heals our perception instantly. In the light of truth the problem is seen as a benign situation that is released in favor of happiness. The problems of the world quickly become one because it is recognized that all problems are the result of unloving thoughts. When problems are seen as one, they are forgotten in an instant when the mind is at rest and in a state of grace.

Religious connotations aside, the ability of changing our mind, forgiving the past and all the pain we have clung to, to remind us how unworthy we are, is easily seen as a mistake. This leaves no room for a punishing intent because it is understood that all mistakes are for correcting and nothing else.

It does not matter how big the mistake seems to be, they are all small and easy to remedy when a miracle is called upon to heal the belief in separation from love in a mind willing to release itself from conflict. This is not difficult, but it is excruciating to wander off alone and afraid with no one as your friend besides the illusion of fear.

How To See Through The Illusion Of Separation

In order to form the most perfect union within ourselves, we must be willing to allow the miracle of healing our perception to take hold in our thought system.

Complete forgiveness releases us from pain and suffering instantly. Partial forgiveness draws a stark contrast between the pain of grievances and the healing that takes place when we let anger go. Apologizing to our inner child and those we may have hurt lets everyone off the hook to experience the happiness that manifests through the gratitude that takes the place of loss.

The miracle heals all relationships through inclusion, not exclusion. Cast no one out, for we all seek the same truth that belongs to all of us individually and collectively. Separation makes us blind, while unity lights up the world with the unalterable vision that Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © 2016

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