New Zealand! Drew Bowden Takes You There …

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Independent artist, Drew Bowden delivers the goods visually along with a sonic wave that carries us to the peace and serenity of our inner vibe with this award-winning song and video. If you have never been to New Zealand, sit back, relax and explore the wonder and mystery of this beautiful country. Majestic mountains, tropical forests, stunning sunny beaches, and a wee slice of Kiwiana countryside & surfing kids who catch the waves whenever they can.  Continue reading

3 Rules 4 Love

hand it to you

Enjoy a flashback to sweet memories when One Love wholeheartedly captured the hearts and imagination of people around the world. Don’t allow the attraction to truth and reality be silenced in the face of seeming adversity. The love wave never ceases to soothe the soul of every generation, always casting a bright light on a… Continue reading

One Man’s Huge Love Saves 500 Dogs +

Dog biscuits are good

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Article revised February 23, 2019 More than 1,100 dogs at three big rescue centers need your help.  Please consider donating to keep things moving through their Crowd Funding Page There’s a saying about dogs that rings true for dog owners everywhere: If you want loyalty, get a dog! And it… Continue reading

The Evolution Of The Sexual Revolution – Part 1

John and Yoko Love In

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  In The Beginning The notion that human beings evolved out of a primordial soup doesn’t sound very sexy. Neither does the idea that we emerged from some single-celled asexual amoeba popping and splitting in thin air. In the beginning the gene pool was severely limited to one. And here… Continue reading