Jonny Barber

Jonny Barber

JONNY BARBER    Denver CO    Rock     Rockabilly     Alternative

Jonny Barber is a minister, guitar player, singer, songwriter, actor, author and all around entertainer. Jonny began playing guitar at the age of 8. As a kid, his mother rode him to guitar lessons on the back of her motorcycle, with the guitar tied to his back with a bungee cord. He has witnessed or taken part in four distinct musical epochs firsthand.

Moving through several seriously red-hot bands, his latest incarnation as MAMA is a monster sound of early Zeppelin vibes for serious music lovers. His band known as SPIV became a blockbuster in the Denver Music Scene during the new century. Available for parties, opening for major acts, and intimate sessions, Barber delights fans of all ages all over the world. Hear it for yourself.

Did we mention Barber is one of the most sought-after Elvis impersonators on the planet? Elvis just came into the building. Available anytime, anywhere, for the right time and space.

“Mr. Rock & Roll Himself”
Billy Bop Rockabilly Fanzine, Belgium

“He’s the real deal. I give him two thumbs up!”
Norm Clarke, Las Vegas Review Journal

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