Roger Holzheimer

Roger Holzheimer

ROGER HOLZHEIMER      Dunedin FL     Acoustic     Indie     Folk Rock

Solitary strumming in beautiful Colorado. The title ROUGH HEWN HEART appropriately reflects the mix of songs on this first CD; a heart which has seen a bit too much weathering, cracking over the years, but becoming stronger as it seasoned.  This is the result of years of experiences, many miles, and more than enough emotions. Roger Holzheimer has been playing and writing for many years but decided in 2008 to self-release this first collection of songs.

A product of Cleveland, Ohio, first and foremost, but also a product of all the places he has lived, visited, or heard about. Roger called Colorado home for about ten years, before he was swept overseas in 2010 to Russia and then Turkey. Most recently he made a move back to Florida to soak up the rays and get back into music and writing.

A self-taught guitarist, the chords and structures he chooses may not at all times seem “normal” but at all times seem to work with the song. Take the time to listen.

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