Simple Stir Fry

veggie stirfry

1 small zucchini – cut in thin rounds and then in half
3 green onions – washed and cut in 1/2 inch pieces
1 green pepper – cut in strips
2 carrots – peeled, cut in thin slices on the angle
2 stalk celery – washed, cut in slices on the angle
1 can water chestnuts
Handful of snow peas
1/2 block firm tofu – cut in 1 inch squares
Handful of bean sprouts per serving
2 Tbs peanut oil
1 Tbs corn starch
1 veggie bouillon
1 tsp sugar
2 cups boiling water
1 tsp crushed red pepper – optional
Tamari to taste
Freshly peeled and grated ginger root or try ginger paste – delish!
2 cups cooked short grain brown rice,  Jasmine or Basmati rice
1 tsp white Sesame seeds

There are a lot of combinations of veggies to pick and choose from to create your stir fry: broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, and bamboo shoots for example.  Use what works for you, and have fun with this simple, quick and easy dish.

Dissolve the veggie bouillon in 2 cups boiling water, mix in corn starch and sugar and set aside. Prep the veggies, and heat peanut oil in a heavy skillet.  Add zucchini, peppers, carrots, crushed red pepper, and celery to skillet. Cook on medium heat until veggies start to soften.  Add tofu and gently stir until cooked.  Add water chestnuts and snow peas and continue mixing gently for a few minutes.

Push all the veggies to the side of the skillet and add bouillon water with corn starch to the center of the skillet and  stir briskly until sauce thickens.  Put half a cup of rice in a bowl or plate, spoon veggies on top, add bean sprouts and 1/2 tsp of grated ginger and a splash of soy. Sprinkle with Sesame seeds.

Serves 6 – Enjoy!

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