Sowing The Seeds Of Love And Peace

sowing the seeds of loveThe primary obstacle to our personal peace of mind is our unconscious desire to get rid of peace. Don’t believe it? How often do we say or think something along these lines?

“If someone else had behaved or spoken differently I wouldn’t be upset or angry.”

If we feel okay with holding grievances then what we are stating is that someone else is completely responsible for the way we feel. Do we really want to let another person control our thought system, keep us up at night plotting revenge, or going over an incident in our mind a million times hoping for a different outcome?

Just a slight nod to Love will begin the process of undoing the pain that we have invested in to justify holding anger in our heart and rage in our mind. Unresolved anger manifests as all kinds of ailments in the physical body because the mental and emotional bodies are completely invisible and incapable of suffering, being sick, or dying. Only the physical body will take the brunt of our self-crucifixion, and we all deserve better than this. Agree?

Eclipsing Insanity

There isn’t a polite way of saying this without beating around the bush while trying to spare the feelings of someone who is already in agony because of their unwavering devotion to being right instead of happy. What do we want — joy and peace of mind, or misery and unhappiness? These are our only choices and we will always choose one at the expense of the other.

Holding unloving thoughts in our mind seems to destroy our experience of peace. It doesn’t have the power to really do this except in total fantasy. But for those who are hell-bent on being right, it can seem completely real with no way out. Just for the record, hell is simply what the ego would make of the moment; hell is the decision to hold grievances and a secret agreement to suffer needlessly.

Luckily we are free to change our mind at any moment and all the suffering that “hell” would offer us will disappear in the twinkling of an eye; such is the power of reality. Truth will always undo and correct error at its source, and release us from fear-based situations that are a shabby substitute for what is real.

Forgiveness: The Means To The Only End We Want

The way to experience permanent peace is through complete forgiveness. This is a free and readily accessible means to repair a mind that is torn in two, and mend a heart shattered by fear of loneliness and isolation that comes from the belief in separation from love. Forgiving thoughts will automatically – and without fail – deliver us from pain and suffering,  restoring sanity to our mind.

On the heels of forgiveness comes gratitude, which is the only way to get to the love in our thought system. Gratitude is where all of our peace and happiness resides forever; we have it now.

Learn now to treat yourself with the kindness and gentleness you would offer to a dear friend or family member who seems to be suffering. For those of us who believe we are unworthy, perhaps it is time to give up the false belief that we have to earn love or get it from an outside source. This experience only waits for our personal willingness and desire to reclaim our natural inheritance, which is totally loving and totally at peace.

How To Separate Truth From Illusion

The way to tell the difference between truth and illusion is quite clear and simple. Everything created by Love is eternal. The world of illusion is based on temporary differences that will appear to keep us separated from the love we are all seeking. This may be a hard pill to swallow because to side with truth means we are willing to overlook the material world in favor of spirit.

The easiest lesson in life is to learn that there are only two possible scenarios we can witness in this world: Love or a cry for love. The second is more prevalent and can easily be healed by applying the first and only remedy there is, which is love.

And In The End …

Make this the year to teach only love for there is simply enough tragedy in the world without yours. All problems will vanish one by one if we simply extend our love. We’re not certain about this because the world is still heavily invested in means that have totally failed to make us happy. We still believe that love is weak and attack is strong, and then we wonder why it is we are not at peace.

Never waver for one moment with a commitment to sow the seeds of love, which will always take root and heal any problem regardless of the size or seeming complexity of the situation. And rest assured that the real solution is one we are individually and collectively in full possession of right now, because Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © March 2016

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