Wes and Victoria Hamil

Wes and Victoria Hamil

WES & VICTORIA HAMIL    Denver CO   Rock    Pop    Alternative    Native Age

Described as ‘Dylan and Young in a blender with cool harmonica’  Wes and Victoria began their musical sojourn in San Antonio, Texas. Their first music business mentor was Augie Meyers, keyboardist and songwriter for the legendary band The Sir Douglas Quintet. Their initial lessons were conducted over piping hot bowls of caldo and Augie’s homemade grilled cheese sandwiches where Augie explained the basics of gigging and shared stories of his exploits in the music business, including teaching John Lennon about the accordion and Vox organ and recording with Bob Dylan.

Victoria Beaufort Hamil – Harmonica, Vocals,  is a top-rate session player, and her work has been featured in scores for CBS Movies, television specials and commercials worldwide. Her recordings include tracks with Johnny Cash, Roy Rogers, Robert Altman, Hans Zimmer and others. Wes Hamil – Veteran Songwriter who has written with Oscar winner Paul Williams, among others. Wes plays Acoustic Guitars, bass, percussion, “lesliecaster” and vocals.  Wes is also a Medicine Wheel Man and Sundancer.

With two full-length, sensational albums, this is must-hear music for the masses. The Ballad of Billy Saigon is chock-full of songs that range from the serene and sublime to full-tilt pedal-to-the-metal offerings.  White Man Red Road is an album that is destined to become a Classic in the world of Spiritualized Music.  The music and lyrics of this great release carry you straight to the Truth we are all seeking, and symbolizes Wes’ personal Quest for Fire as a white man on a Red Road. This is music that’s as real as it gets.

The Title track from Billy Saigon was recently included in the Hamburg based Bear Family Record’s Compilation Project Next Stop Is Vietnam and is on disc 11 right next to tracks by Hank Williams Jr. Pete Seeger, Big and Rich, Old Crow Medicine Show and Bruce Springsteen. The Compilation Liner notes specifically cite the Bruce Springsteen track Galveston Bay and the Wes Hamil track The Ballad of Billy Saigon as pivotal tracks on that CD. Other artists in the compilation include Bob Dylan, John Lennon and the Doors. White Man Red Road was honored as one of The Colorado Wave’s Record of the Year recipients.

The latest EP Evolution Revolution features three different versions of the song: an acoustic coffeehouse version; a 60’s Wall of sound sing-along version; and a dubstep remix by remix artist Scarecrow Adams, who has worked with Korn, Limp Biscuit, SevenDust, and Axl Rose.

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