7 Heavenly Days Of Gratitude

It’s nice to know we have a lot of great company as we all walk back to happiness.  In reality, there’s no distance between us and truth, which is with us every step of the way. Practicing forgiveness will certainly accelerate the process as we wade through the waters of healing our grieving minds, and strive to make our hearts feel whole and happy again. What follows on the heels of complete forgiveness is eternal gratitude.

The easiest way to retrain our mind is to start each day by  listing three things we are grateful for. And to reinforce our progress, express gratitude for these things before going to sleep.

DAY 1 
Adopting a positive outlook takes some serious doing in a world gone mad with fear. We don’t have to buy into the chaos that MSM launches against us every single day. Just learn to recognize it for what it is: A cry for Love. The next logical step is to acknowledge that Love is everywhere and in everything. Problem solved. This establishes the gratitude attitude necessary to carry  us through each day by ensuring we are at peace with ourselves and the world. 

It’s gonna take a lot of love to change the way we feel. Lucky for us, the Baby Boomer generation has a Lovin’ Spoonful of reality in just about every single song that tells us over and over and over again that Love is The Answer — and you know that for sure. Yes, it’s surrender, but what else would we want to give ourselves up to more than all love all the time? We’ve had too many great Teachers of Love pass through our lives to ignore the call to love and be loved. In a word (or two) gratitude rocks our world and sets us free from all the pain we have chosen in place of our reality, which is totally loving and totally at peace.


Next time someone suggests that war is strong and love is weak, offer them a pot of pansies to set the record straight. These ‘wimpy flowers’ remain a lovely, bright spot on a bleak, freezing day in winter. They survive the wind, the ice and snow, and bloom no matter what because this is the nature of the mighty pansy. Words can throw us for a loop because we don’t understand their meaning a lot of the time. But the language of the heart beats steady and true with every breath we take. Be a pansy! Be a beauty. Love is not for wimps … Love is the Power that holds the universe together.

Sly Stone told us he wants to take us higher. I believe it, how about you? No one would want to stay down in the dirt forever, so in order to form a more perfect union within ourselves we have to find the road, step on it, stay on it, and enjoy the journey with a gratitude attitude that will elevate us out of this world. This is not a fantasy, but it is the primary desire of every person who will ever walk the face of this earth. Flight happens on the wings of love.

The stepping stones that make up the roads we choose to travel on to reach our final destination may look different, but one thing they all have in common is that there is really only one path and we are all on it. Some travel merrily while others seem to carry a ball and chain that binds them to the pain and misery of this world. The difference is that those who forgive release themselves to gratitude much faster. They are more likely to forgive instantly rather than carry the weight of grudges because it lightens their load and brings them peace. There are only two seeming roads that blend into one when we walk to the beat of a happy heart, delivered to us through our willingness to extend our love to the world and experience gratitude as a result. 

Anyone who has devoted a smidgen of time and energy to gratitude in the first six days will readily admit they feel a shift in their perception and the way they view the world. With forgiveness as the catalyst to set the wheels in motion, grievances give way to another way of looking at everything in our world, and internally make the journey seem light and right as rain.  

Our vigilance and diligence to view everyone in a new light reflects back on how we feel about ourselves. There is no escaping this simply because a thought will never leave its source. What we thinketh – we perceiveth. And so it is with our own Source, recognized or not. We have not left Love’s thoughts, and this is why the human race is so consumed with love, finding love, being loved, and being loving. All reality is here. Stay on the path, exercise our right to rise above the mundane, and embrace the reality we all came here to share – because Love is an act of sharing. And keep on humming “I heard it in a love song,” while we wear our Love like Heaven, because Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © 2017

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