The Heart Is A Happy Hunter

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The most widely sought after experience in the world is happiness. Some call it love, joy, source, contentment, completion, the cure, peace, healing, nirvana, or God.

Since no one seems to have come up with a definition expansive enough to describe the power that holds the universe together, or fully explain what set the cosmic mass in motion, the words we choose to express the only thing we really want are irrelevant. Words are symbols of symbols and are indications of our heartfelt desires.

Happiness must be inherent in who and what we are or the goal would be forever unattainable and always out of reach. Simply put, this means we have blocks that need to be removed to get to the foundation and reality of our essence, which is totally loving and totally at peace.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Getting our ducks in a row and determining what we think we want or need in order to enjoy our trek through this world can be a little daunting at times, so let’s toss out everything that will not last: The entire material world. And focus instead on what will last: Thoughts that are eternal.

The love we are all seeking is our own and we have it now.

Clichés aside, everyone yearns for a love affair that takes the cake and moves them to a higher realm. What seems berserk is finally stumbling upon the ultimate truth that the love we are all seeking is our own and we have it now. There is nothing for us to do, no process to undergo, and our mission is accomplished. The search for love is over.

What Works: The Salve, Healing, Peace

There are three areas that each of us will need to master in our lives if we hope to attain permanent peace. No one would want to have partial happiness, or only a smidgen of joy. This self-evident truth leaves us with nothing but our desire for the entire scope of eternal happiness.

Forgiveness: The attainment of peace of mind will be impossible without this free, fool-proof means to get there. We will simply need to experience it to embrace it in its totality and recognize this is the only thing that will set us free from the agony of defeat and misery of this world. In a word: Practice, practice, practice. Once we recognize how painful grievances are, forgiveness seems like a walk in the park.

Apology: This has to do with solidifying the forgiveness we strive for, and ways to increase it until it has eclipsed everything else in our mind. We are worthy of love. Saying we are sorry for any and all incidents that may have occurred during our interactions with others is a sign of respect from the worthy to the worthy. It demonstrates our earnest desire to share ideas that are true with equals.

Gratitude: Here is what instantaneously happens when forgiveness takes the place of anger and judgment, and apology replaces blame. A heart filled with gratitude understands what has true value and worth, and embraces it wholly without limit. Gratitude transcends all fear thoughts, all scarcity-consciousness, and reestablishes the memory of what is true and eternal in our mind.

Sharing: The result of acceptance, which proves that giving and receiving are one and the same. Like gratitude, sharing is experienced as a means of survival on the deepest level. The hunter/gatherer within each of us draws love and happiness into our being through our willingness to extend, or share, what holds out value and the promise of eternal life.

Gravity – Sharing Reality

The world will teach us that “having” is attained through “getting” and refusing to share. Spirit teaches us the opposite is really true and proves it through the happiness and joy the individual experiences when they willingly give their love and joy to everyone and increase it in their own experience as a result.

Sharing is the catalyst that makes the remembrance of love come full circle in our mind. As we gather our thoughts together and recognize that happiness is joy, then all the temptations of the world – which are temporary – take a back seat to the desire we have for love and peace in our lives – which is eternal.

Sharing our happiness increases our love. The never-ending expansion of peace in our mind and heart overshadows everything else in the human experience by demonstrating that only reality has value because truth lasts forever.

The reason we are all so attracted to love is because it is real and our shared reality.

The gravitational pull of love is not a fantasy. The reason we are all so attracted to love is because it is real and our shared reality. Everything in the world gravitates towards love, and through its unifying force love unites all things.

The Awakening – Love Is All

Step by step we make our journey within to the place where peace resides. When the material world no longer attracts us it is because its lack of value has been clearly seen. What is temporary will never usurp the attraction of eternal happiness.

Through complete forgiveness the thin veil of illusion is lifted. By apologizing for our spiritual impurities we polish our inner shrine, which in turn releases us to full gratitude.

A heart full of gratitude reveals itself as the center of all centers shining within us and all around us. Here is the end we are all seeking as we finally recognize that the beginning and end are one and the same. There has never been any separation from Love, which is our Source.

In the light all truth is known as we accept and recognize with genuine gratitude that Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © 2016

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