Hillbilly Hellcats

Hillbilly Hellcats

HILLBILLY HELLCATS   The World   Rockabilly    Swing    Punk-Newgrass

Founded in Boulder County in 1994, the Hellcats enjoyed a successful run in the ’90s, fueled by a rockabilly and swing revival with two stellar albums, Rev It Up With Taz and Our Brand which sold nearly 100,000 copies while the trio toured nationally and in Europe.

Chuck Hughes, the group’s guitarist and front man, took time off  in 2003, and relocated to southern California to study music at the Hollywood-based Musicians Institute, where he honed his skills in laptop recording and worked with bassist John Hatton from the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

Hughes reunited with longtime bassist, Lance ‘Romance’ Bakemeyer and recruited drummer Randee McKnight, and ultimately scheduled non-stop tours across the states. Together, the trio creates a fiery brand of rockabilly that delves into such diverse realms as bluegrass and punk.

“Some people call it heavy metal country, some call it modern rockabilly,” Hughes says. “We gravitate toward a more modern, high-energy sound.”

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