WADIRUM     Boulder-Denver CO    Folk  -Rock     Pop      Eclectic

WadiRum was named by the band’s leader, Stewart Erlich, after traveling for 6 months in the middle east. Wadi Rum is a region in Jordan where Erlich found himself miraculously healed after suffering a debilitating illness during his travels in the desert.  The music is much like the region: raw, powerful, silent and loud in turns, and ultimately healing.

WadiRum’s songs build to crescendo, with lush harmony, dark, warm bass and cello, and drums that move from subtle to explosive. Each song is different, but the message is the same- the revelation of the human heart.

As a band, we try to make great music onstage and in the studio… we write our songs together, and bring our diverse backgrounds into the musical melting pot. Our strengths include using full-range dynamics, and creating songs with evocative lyrics.

Band members are: Stewart Erlich – vocal, guitars, composition, Jesse Varner – bass, Adam Randall -drums, Beth Rosbach – cello.  They tell such intimate, personal stories that resonate with your own experience, evoking emotions perhaps you thought were buried too deep to access again. If you want smart, sensitive lyrical hooks, free of cliché and obvious rhymes, you won’t cringe, not even once. But what makes the magic happen is Wadirum’s  command of melody and chord progression that lends itself so intuitively to lush harmonies, counter-melodies and instrumental arrangements.

Three timeless albums are available, and are ‘must haves’ for any true music lover:

Bedouin – Book of Storms
Wadirum – Wadirum
Wadirum – Letters I Never Plan to Mail

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