Elmo Chesterhazy

Elmo Chesterhazy

ELMO CHESTERHAZY    Denver CO     Progressive   Rock   Experimental

This artist walks a fine line between the ambience of the Moody Blues, with a twist of Pink Floyd, the Beatles and a splash of Talking Heads all rolled into one monumental experience to create the unique flavor and texture of Elmo Chesterhazy.  No doubt the compositions are strictly his own interpretation with classy guitar work, and lyrical content that beckons you to listen closely over and over again until you get it and can sing along, or at least hum along. Chesterhazy’s most current offering Starlight Roadtakes us on a magical mystery tour uniquely his own.

Songs such as All I Can Do Is Sing are delivered via osmosis and consist of a complex tapestry and surreal vibration that isolates and expands our collective consciousness all at once. Trance-like arrangements are intertwined with pre-destined material to deliver a compelling and worthwhile voyage to the ‘other side of music.’  Chesterhazys’ writing sounds like it took eons to be born and delivered in this world.  Other worldly?  You bet.  Here and now? Absolutely.  You just have to hear it to believe, and that’s where the poetry of this catalog of sounds strikes a chord deep within, and there’s no turning back.

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