CLARE     Southern California     Pop      Rock      Alternative

The earth is heating up and waiting for the big bang – and it’s just another day in the wonderful world of Clare, where astronomy meets passion.

Clare is a Southern California duo comprised of composer/vocalist Angela Clare and arranger/bassist Ralph Meier, assisted by a cast of talented musicians – Nico Gemigniani, Steve Earl, and Kurt Fries – bashing away at their unique breed of “Shoe Gazing Populism For The Individual.”

Their 3rd CD The Theory Of Everything on Cinderella Records, was released in August 2011, and received nominations in the Pop Category in the LA Music Awards. This body of work by Angela Clare, Ralph Meier and friends gives pop a shot in the heart. With more of a stylistic approach and production technique than their acclaimed debut, this album is an eclectic electric masterpiece.  What is The Theory of Everything???  LOVE!!!

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