Dennis Wanebo

Dennis Wanebo

DENNIS WANEBO   Boulder CO    Rock  Pop  Award-Winning Songwriter

RARWRITER Music Site’s review of Wanebo’s New Album Running On Gravity

Dennis Wanebo is a bright guy from Boulder, Colorado, a former lawyer whose passion for music led him to pursue it full-time following a health scare.

“After releasing a couple of CDs with the band Martian Acres, which garnered Dennis two John Lennon International Songwriting Awards, his album Running on Gravity (a typical Wanebo-style allusion, and a typical humor trope) is a solo effort that features Wanebo’s innate sense of musical sophistication and melodic and lyrical nuance. His music, often characterized by lovely harmonies – Wanebo sings particularly effectively in his higher registers, and works well with others – is completely adult in subject and scope, which puts it in this category of subsidiary products.

“There are radio-friendly tunes here, such as “Mostly Lost”, and there are ageless sections – “Queen of the Blues” –  when no one would know that Wanebo is no 21-year old, but radio is non-existent in the 21st Century anyway and was never smart enough to support a Dennis Wanebo, save possibly for a few early golden years of nascent FM. admires Wanebo greatly, but suspects that commercially speaking he has every reason to make that face he is making on his most recent CD release. We look that way a lot of the time.

“This CD is exceptionally well performed and produced, and at times one hears a classic like Graceland in this work, making it seem that if a visionary producer were to commandeer Wanebo’s song selections and direct him down a principal path, that there could be something truly great at work here. Unfortunately, the market just isn’t there to perpetuate such a magical development. This is no fault of Dennis Wanebo, who does fine work on this CD.”

Here’s more about Dennis  Web    CD Baby    Facebook    Martian Acres CD Baby

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