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ELM TREASON     Staten Island NY     Vintage Vibe     Alternative     New Music

The ELM TREASON brand is “New Music – Vintage Vibe.” It’s a description that’s both vague and spot on. Complex, manic, foreboding and smooth are just a small sample of the adjectives that could be used to describe the sound resonating from this Staten Island, NY duo. They have created a delicious euphonious delight that feels like you just arrived home after being lost at sea.

“Elm Treason reminds me of why people listen to music in the first place – good songwriting, good melodies – songs that are easy to remember and stick with you.”
J.J. Fabini, Vice President of Programming Summit City Radio Group

ELM TREASON is the musical union of Andrew Roman and Robert Steel. They have gutted the new classic rock archetype with a collection of songs that blends together influences stretching the collective soundscape past the horizon and around the moon (or the closest mountain range).

Influenced by classic artists like The Who, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Grateful Dead, Rush, Genesis and War – and modern artists like Shinedown, Queens of the Stone Age, Theory of a Dead Man and Jet – Elm Treason has created a beautiful familiarity that will grab your ear, tickle it a little, smooch up your soul for a while (without drooling too badly), and lead you to the inevitable question: “Where have I heard this before? And how the hell did I miss this?”

“Their harmonies are impressive. Their music has enough rock and roll to appease most any rock fan but I also hear a little bit of a hippy, dancey vibe. It’s groovy and rockin’. Good stuff.”
Jason Lee, Afternoon Drive DJ, WXKE

Elm Bob says, “For everyone, Elm Treason will taste a little different. It may intoxicate gradually or slam you immediately … but one thing is (almost) for sure: this might just become your guilty pleasure, your drink of choice, your desert island, your rainy day traveling companion.” Elm Treason’s debut album, “Days of Reaction” is what Elm Bob calls the “culmination of our influences, learning experiences, rites of passage and stylistic mannerisms in one big amazing collaboration. All of our past efforts led up to this moment.”

“The only way to find out how much you are going to love Elm Treason is to take the plunge and soak up the rays and essence of this great band.”
Carmen Allgood, Producer WorldWideWavez Radio Showz

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