How To Be Happy In 3 Easy Steps

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If we narrow our search down to one word that describes how we would like to feel all the time, “bliss” covers all the bases. As a noun it means: Perfect happiness and joy. The verb denotes: To reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious to everything else. Such is the state of bliss. By definition, bliss would have to be eternal. Happiness, which is an aspect of Love, will last forever, too.

All of us are on a path to reach Nirvana. Does this mean we are zoned-out and unaware of all the activity swirling around us? No, of course not. It simply means that nothing in this temporary world will continue to distract us from our ultimate truth. We may observe this world of illusion, but won’t think it is real any more.

What we are longing for is an experience that is not of this world; a sacred moment that will take us beyond words to a state of exaltation and grace. With this acknowledgement comes the understanding that nothing in this world is capable of illumination because nothing in this world is eternal.

1. Setting The Goal

Our goal for any endeavor belongs at the beginning of every process. Clarifying what we want in advance of the action (physical or mental) will add structure, direction, and the confidence we need to make it happen. Otherwise, any situation in which we find ourselves will appear to be arbitrary and make us feel as though we are at the mercy of forces greater than ourselves.

The way to peace is really very simple, although not necessarily easy. The reason it is simple is because there is only one thing we really need to do: Desire peace of mind completely, and value our happiness above all else.

2. Means To An End

The recognition that peace of mind has nothing to do with the body will resolve the conflict we experience by trying to maintain diametrically opposed thought systems. Remembering peace will be dependent upon our willingness to accept the fact that the body is not where our peace resides. This will automatically put our full focus on our thoughts, which is where our life takes place.

What prevents us from embracing our inherent happiness is conflict. This is always the result of our opposition to the thought of love in our own mind – a.k.a. holding grievances.

Accepting conflict as a decision makes it possible to change our mind and release it in favor of what we really want – total peace. Taking responsibility for one’s thoughts puts us in the driver’s seat, and sets us free from guilt and condemnation of others. This permits forgiveness to start clearing the path for our perfect healing.

3. The Final Step

The third step will release us from all conflict and reinstate peace and joy in our mind. We can do it now, or only hope we can do it later. Delay is an ego device for keeping the conflict in place to prove to ourselves that we are not really worthy of Love. Do not accept this or buy into it. We are worthy of Love or we wouldn’t have all this love inside of us. The way out of hell for each of us is through the Mastery of Forgiveness.

The way out of hell for each of us is through the Mastery of Forgiveness.

Practice will be necessary until we are ready to be at peace and live in permanent bliss now. Resistance can seem strong, but our desire for reality and truth will override any blocks we may use to keep us in chains. Through complete forgiveness, we understand there is nothing to forgive. With this final step, Love will lean down and draw us into our own completion.

This formula might seem like an oversimplification, but let’s remember that happiness was created for us and not by us. Left to our own devices, our personal enlightenment would take forever, and this is not the type of eternity we are looking for.

Every moment is an opportunity for us to release and be released. Forgiveness does not ask that we overlook what is real, it simply asks that we overlook illusions and accept the fact that only love is real.

The way to recognize illusions is also really simple: if it changes, alters, or seems different, it is not eternal and is not real. If reality and truth changed, it would be untrue. This awareness is what saves us from a world that strives to prove that fear and attack are strong, and love and peace are weak. The impossible never happened, for we never changed the truth about ourselves. In our complete forgiveness we understand that this is so, and that Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood ©  2016

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