Ingredients For 365 Days Of Effortless Gratitude

A lot of people make an internal list of ways to improve their lives during the merry month of January, with the hope of attaining a modicum of effortless gratitude to brighten their life. Stats reveal that about 90% of us have forgotten our  goals by the end of the month and move on in patterns that don’t make us feel optimistic about any changes we would like to see in personal transformation, or as a way to get in tune with our spiritual nature.  

It has been said we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, replete with bodies and thoughts that do not seem aligned with the heavenly bodies and thoughts we all yearn for. Without getting into complicated intellectual discussions with yourself or others, there are a few very simple steps anyone can take to make way for a brighter day.  This will increase the possibility of extending our happy times in this upside-down world in order to eclipse those down moments we all fall prey to on our journey home. Here’s the short list to attain your goals:


The first transformation is to lighten our load in the physical realm, which is really just a projection of our thoughts on the big screen we call “the world.” Cluttered thoughts make life chaotic and difficult to maneuver in, so set a goal of taking a box of stuff to a drop-off center like the Salvation Army or other non-profits that could put usable items like clothes and household items to good use. I have a single friend who became such a pack rat she insisted on having a minimum of three of everything, even though she lived alone: 3 mixers, 3 cat boxes (no cats???), 3 dishwashers, 3 sets of china, the list goes on. It took a full year to declutter her mind, but every month she revealed to me how much lighter and more centered she felt as she transformed her home into her “sacred space.” You can do this  …  get started. It feels great.


The daily news is a good place to see the magnitude of forgiving thoughts at work. As we bring it to our personal relationships, forgiveness is the answer if what we want is peace. This is a study and practice that is presented to us on every level in the human experience, and the only known catalyst to release us from the pain of life on earth. As difficult as it may seem to forgive the world, not doing it is the most exhausting thing we can do to ourselves, and we all deserve better. Practice, practice, practice. Releasing the past has the same outcome as cleansing our space. 

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Remember the kid in you that loved to play in the sun and gladly shared a cookie with the neighborhood bully? Spend 15 minutes looking in the mirror everyday and tell that child how much you have missed him, and how much you truly love her. They will be happy to hear from you and release what all of us are essentially trying to heal: A sense of separation from love in our own mind. The separation never happened, and little Davy or tiny Karen is still here to remind you of the infinite seamless love we are all surrounded by, protected by, and connected to.  


Everyone has an ego in this world, and the constant chatter of our monkey mind – that thing that wants to convince us that we are not good enough – is simply a roadblock we have set up to prove we are right, at the cost of being happy. Learning to be a good listener will reveal more about “we” than “me” which is where we want to be in order to thrive. Turn off the chipmunk running in the cage inside our our mind, and engage with a higher being in silence. This has a miraculous way of sparking a flame that turns into a bonfire to help us find our footing on the path we all share. Caring for another being is the best way we can expend our energy on this journey.


Intelligence is expressed in all living beings. If trees could talk what a tale they would tell! I think a lot of us do listen to the plants and accept loving clues from them. After all – whenever there is a disaster in the world, the first living beings to show up to start the healing process are plants. They give us life, clean air, provide us with food, and intense beauty.

Anyone who loves an animal will witness to the grace and gentleness our furry friends teach us on the way to our ultimate destiny. Masters of Unconditional Love and Devotion, we have a lot to learn from animals. Their simple joy, amazing protection, and intuition are readily accessible if we are willing to learn their secret language of love.


Making a master gratitude list at the beginning of each year sets us up for success because it forms the situation in which we hope to find ourselves. The goal for anything worth attaining always belongs at the beginning of the venture. These lists evolve as we make our way around the sun and expands as we increase our gratitude for every living thing, every shining experience, and a certainty that comes with the understanding that our purpose in life is to bring peace to the world through our loving intentions. 


At the end of the day, take a few moments to rest and reflect on your internal world and how your thoughts have contributed to a sense of belonging to a Source that flows to and through all of us and connects everything that is. Loving thoughts have the complete power to resolve all problems through gratitude, with the recognition that Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © 2018

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