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As improbable as it may appear, there really is a solution to all the problems that seem to confront us everyday. One problem – one solution. At the risk of sounding trite and completely immature, that one problem can be reduced to the fact that we just flat-out refuse to love each other.

Anyone who has ever tried love as a solution to heal an unhappy situation has always met with the exact same result: Love always works and never lets us down. Perhaps we should try love as an alternative to everything else we have tried that has totally failed and see where that takes us.

The human race is on the threshold of recognizing and acknowledging that our life goes beyond the body and takes place in the mind. The attainment of peace of mind is the one desire that we share, and there are some very simple steps that anyone can take to secure this for themselves. It is also apparent that everyone in this world is looking for love. But the majority of us will spend an inordinate amount of time and a ton of energy striving to get something into our lives which is already there. So, what is preventing us from recognizing that love, peace, joy, and happiness are already within us? Back to square one … we refuse to love each other.

How Love Operates And Functions

First everyone in the world has love although most of us don’t believe it. Talk about self-deprivation on a mass scale! Most of us cannot even manage to love one person all the time. Now, imagine a force that actually loves all of us, all the time, completely, with no end in sight. Our function here, if we want to be happy for the rest of our lives, is to remember how to emulate love. And that is all.

Most of us cannot even manage to love one person all the time. Now, imagine a force that actually loves all of us, all the time, completely, with no end in sight.
– Carmen Allgood

Second no one, and nothing, in the world has the ability to put us into scarcity consciousness. Only we can make ourselves seem separate from the Source of Love. Everyone in the world is trying to heal the sense of separation from love in his or her own mind. What keeps us a seeming prisoner is the idea that some of us are worthy of love and others are not. How can this possibly be true? None of us created love or set the conditions for experiencing love. And either there is a Source of Love, or we made it up and love is just an illusion and does not exist.

Third Love doesn’t withhold itself from anyone. Just the opposite. It gives itself freely to all of us, and that includes all of it. If we don’t care for the way we feel, we can choose to change our mind and extend our thought of love to include everyone.

If we don’t know how to extend our love, here’s what we can do: Forgive. Yes, forgive the world and set ourselves free. Love needs to be forgiven before it can be remembered. Until each of us has reached this point everything we try to accomplish will seem futile and leave us feeling deprived and incomplete.

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Arms are for hugging.

When we know the truth about ourselves, we automatically recognize that the truth about everyone is the same because we all came from one source. This realization will ultimately carry us back to our natural state of pure joy. If we are ready and willing to discover who and what we really are, we can do it now. Take a few deep breaths, clear the mind of any preconceived notions, admit we do not know, and be willing to let the real answer be revealed to us.

Love transcends all space and time … we’ve got to let love rule.
– Lenny Kravitz

When we are considering “what is real” we are thinking in terms of what is true, what is eternal, what we have and are, and what has meaning and being. Surely we must recognize the temporary, which includes everything in the material world, will never bring us permanent happiness.

Forgive the world so we can be happy and at peace. And in the words of Lenny Kravitz, “Love transcends all space and time … we’ve got to let love rule.” Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © 2016

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Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule
Let Love Rule released 1989


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