What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?

lotus flowerWith all the sad and tragic news that MSM slathers on our psyche every minute, it might seem impossible and even foolish to hope we can ever escape from the downtrodden expressions of life on earth.

In reality, there is a way to entirely eclipse the perception of hopelessness and rise above the turmoil of the world. A way to see the perfection of life as it is reflected through a mind that has escaped from conflict and released itself from the belief in separation from Love.

Forgiveness: Offer An Olive Branch 

The first step in leaving all fear behind is learning how to forgive everything and everyone. Truth is not blemished and cannot be turned into something that is flawed and needs forgiveness. As we practice our release, the most notable result is that forgiving any situation that seems to deprive us of peace is instantaneous and always successful.

Failure is not an option when love has come to take the place of fear or sorrow.


In hope of reconciliation and attaining peace in our relationships with others — and more importantly with our self — the olive branch has been used for thousands of years as a means to pave the way from conflict to happiness. Bear this branch happily and watch any losing situation rightfully turn into a win-win for one and all. Failure is not an option when love has come to take the place of fear or sorrow.

Apology: Stand Under A Sprig Of Mistletoe

It is okay to admit that we are wrong on occasion. There is something cathartic and refreshing about saying: My bad! And learning how to not make a mountain out of a molehill. It also states that our personal happiness and inner peace is far more valuable than holding grudges, plotting revenge, and staying angry, which is simply unhealthy on all levels. We all deserve better than this.

With the blame game behind us, our willingness to take the reins in being wrong (so we can be happy!) pays more dividends than anyone can imagine. Mistletoe is extremely toxic, but using it in a playful sense to give and receive a hug or kiss makes all seem right with the world. Say to yourself: I’m okay just the way I am, and call on the Universal Source to shine a light on any seeming problem so that the darkness in my mind recedes and vanishes without any effects.

Using mental mistletoe is simply a way to give ourselves a hug, blow the world a kiss, and benefit as a whole.

Blossom Within: The Lotus Flower

The stunning beauty and fragrance of the lotus has long been used as a spiritual purification of the body, soul, and mind as it emerges from muddy waters while remaining fresh and unstained. Surely, if a flower like this can express purity, our own radiance will bring about a greater rebirth in our elevated human experience.

Moving through the stages of forgiveness and apology has prepared our mind and heart for what must follow: Revelation — the love we are seeking is our own and we have it now. Revelation always suspends judgment, allowing the heart to skip a beat and get in sync with our innate wisdom. The love that unfolds with each blossom sets up a supernatural appreciation, which results in gratitude and carries us to a state of bliss and the awareness of our divine essence. Understanding enables each of us to reach out with a branch of wisdom, erasing the pain of countless others by demonstrating that no one is unloved.

When everything is moving in the same flow with our one common desire carrying us along, it is impossible to miss the fact that happiness was created for us. And whispers that Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © 2016


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