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Love the new crave

New Year’s Day,  January 1.

This is either just another day on the calendar or a feeling of renewal.  Whichever we choose it will be.

We have the power to change ourselves; to change our lives. To seek personal enlightenment. We have the power to change our reality.

I’ve never been into New Year’s resolutions, but I do like the feeling of a fresh start. My hopelessly hopeful self always sees it as just a little magical. Remembering that life has no guarantees and throws you a down-and-away curve ball every so often, just to see if you’re paying attention. But life also just lobs one across the plate time and again to cut you some slack. Making a fresh start in a new year is like life lobbing an easy one over the plate for you. 

We choose the light or the dark in all our life situations. It is our own free will.  – Michelle Nelson

As another year passes into history, I always like to end the old year by taking a breath of nature. I stare to the sky, where all the stars will be in the same place when New Year’s Eve becomes a New Year.  All the stars, people, structures will all be in the same place. Still, there becomes an inexplicable feeling; perhaps a feeling we’ve created as a culture but one that is very magical indeed! So what makes it magical? Possibilities! If we seek enlightenment, possibilities will show themselves. If we stay in the shadows, possibilities cannot see us.

With each New Year I do not resolve to make changes or start new things. I simply take a moment to reflect on my own history; a moment to celebrate still being here, being alive!

I smile in appreciation for being granted the possibilities of another year, even if it turns out to be only one more day. Oh! The possibilities!

Life definitely throws us into the dark sometimes, but it is always our choice to make our way back to the light. It is always our choice. We choose the light or the dark in all our life situations. It is our own free will.

My wish is that every person can find some light and the magic of possibilities in this New Year.

Big LOVE to all!

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Love …The New Crave – Revolution Of Love

Michelle Nelson © January 1, 2017
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Bio: Chuck and Michelle Nelson make up the modern pop/rock band known as Love…The New Crave and live in Portland, Oregon. Follow them on Facebook for a joyous adventure through their amazing videos and ultra-cool library of songs, all devoted to Love.

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