The Evolution Of The Sexual Revolution – Part 1

John and Yoko Love In

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  In The Beginning The notion that human beings evolved out of a primordial soup doesn’t sound very sexy. Neither does the idea that we emerged from some single-celled asexual amoeba popping and splitting in thin air. In the beginning the gene pool was severely limited to one. And here… Continue reading

The Evolution Of The Sexual Revolution – Part 2

Astral Sex scene

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The Roaring 20’s Everything in the early to mid-1900’s seemed to be sinful. By definition sin = lacks of love. Prohibition kicked into high gear in 1920 and underground speakeasies ran rampant through the modern world. Oddly enough, marijuana was legal but alcohol was suddenly taboo. Nudge-nudge wink-wink meant liquor… Continue reading

The Big Bang, Or When God Made Love?

walking into light

Anyone who has expendable time on their hands will certainly have a desire to unravel the mystery that surrounds the origin of the species. For some, it will become all-encompassing as we dive into the two areas of study that are open to us in this space and time, to wit: Science: The… Continue reading