The Evolution Of The Sexual Revolution – Part 1


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In The Beginning

The notion that human beings evolved out of a primordial soup doesn’t sound very sexy. Neither does the idea that we emerged from some single-celled asexual amoeba popping and splitting in thin air.

In the beginning the gene pool was severely limited to one. And here we are, still claiming: We are all one! So when some cocky rooster crows about having a “blue bloodline” we can all say in complete honesty: Yeah, me too.

At this point it seems right and fair to mention that everyone is related simply because everything came from one source. This could explain a lot of the issues we seem to have as the human race, but in the final analysis, our  interconnected  relationship will turn out to be our saving grace.

On a darker stretch of our grim imagination, scientists coolly suggest that genetically nearly everyone in the world is our 16th cousin. There are first cousins, and maybe a second or third, but we lose track after that. The implication being we are the collective result of an incestuous circumstance, which is enough to make our skin crawl.

The latest theory of the origin of life sounds impressive as always, but is still inconclusive. The truth is that we do not know and call this mystery the missing link. Guess again.

But hold on because there is really a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. Our oneness is setting the stage for our ultimate surprise, which reveals itself in acknowledgement of our common ground.

Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Death

Remember when we thought “free love” had something to do with our bodies? Now we know it has nothing to do with our bodies and everything to do with our thoughts. As the world is doing its stretching exercises, something deeper and far more mysterious is brewing under the surface.

Sexual Revolution Poster
We all appreciate the driving force and attraction that sexual energy has for us as we try to harness the passion and power of our lust for life.

While we are young, our hormones are raging against common sense and the rules for love, while bodily functions explode on the scene ahead of awareness and spiritual responsibility. As a result, most of us are still the product of animal lust, which results in millions of unplanned for children with devastating results.

The idea that it is okay to procreate with no regard for the consequences that come with bringing new life into the world is reflected in our collective tolerance of the 20,000+ children who die from starvation every day. Toss in the fact that nearly one billion people will not eat today, and sex becomes a problem.

Sex is like the smoking gun in the biggest mass slaughter the world will ever know. It is what gives us life, exerts a ton of pressure during our journey here, and is ultimately responsible for our demise. But only if we believe the body is our reality.

Sex is the great liberator and also the great destroyer. Hardly an innocuous force, many men have fallen from grace because of the enticement sex presents.

The Mystery Of Sex

While we use form as a means of identification, it should be noted that the content of everything is the same: A masculine principle, a feminine principle, and their attraction, which is caused by love.

The deepest attraction that men (in general) feel for women is that men seek women for their own completion. Women enable men to go forward so as to avoid extinction by collapsing on themselves. Without women, men will never have life beyond themselves.

The XX chromosome vs the XY chromosome has been misunderstood forever. The Y is simply an incomplete X. And the yearning that draws man to woman (for completion) is a reflection of the universe that is pressing on through woman, towards man.

This is the mystery that shrouds the complete feminine, which attracts and repels men all at once; the feminine mystique that causes men to repress and revere women at the same time. Forgive woman and we will all be free.

Okay. I made this up. But since we do not really know, perhaps my theory will become a popular point of view for a while. Who’s to say? Virtually every theory that offers a plausible explanation of the universe, which includes us, ends in a big question mark. Really?

love arms

Arms are for hugging

Chromosome theory aside, the most simplistic view of sex is that everything in the universe is not only seeking love, union, and completion, but is quite literally making love. This same attraction for union and completion can be found in all life forms, including the simplest organisms that are propelled towards extension, or face extinction.

By all rights, to be certain that love exists in our own experience we must assume it is in everything that is. And in fact if we look around us we discover that it is not lacking anywhere. I assure you I am not making this up.

Without detailing the replication and extension of millions of life forms through time and space for the last 13-20 billion years, let’s cut to the chase and focus on where we appear to be now. This is our earthly time and experience as we perceive it – now.

Keystone Species Or Keystone Cops?

A Keystone species is a plant or animal that has a critical role in the extension and maintenance of an ecosystem. When the Keystone species is threatened or destroyed, all other species in the system are endangered to the point where the ecosystem is rendered drastically different or vanishes altogether.

Given our current role and status as stewards of Terra Firma, it seems we often resort to Keystone Cop antics and create an enormous upheaval for many animals and plants, which we have unwittingly placed on the “endangered species list” either by accident or through ignorance and greed. In the process it appears we have placed ourselves at the very top of our own list, which seems to suggest that plenty of other life forms share the important Keystone species role with us, because we need them to survive.

From Soup To Nuts

The search for truth is one that reflects the “Occupy Movement” held around the world. In order to bring peace to the world it will be necessary to discover and remember our shared identity because we truly are one: One in spirit, one in thought, and the very “one” to be willing to unify our collective thought system and release ourselves from the conflict of not knowing who and what we are.

Not knowing keeps us divided in thought, action, and deed, and literally drives us insane. There is no difference between 13 and 20 billion years when we are all present – as one and the same – in this very moment. The evidence keeps pouring in that truth is one and will ultimately set us free. Embracing our single purpose — to bring peace to the world by releasing ourselves from conflict — is the means to discover and remember who and what we are.

In Part 2 we will take a brief glance at the last 100 years of The Sexual Revolution: Burlesque, The Pill, Burn Your Bra, Streaking, Gay Rights, and how Aids is now part of the natural selection process that leads to the Evolution of Chastity through Astral Sex. We’ll also examine how sex is a built-in Keystone thought process that will set us free so we can remember why Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood ©  2016

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