The Choice Made Clear – Choose Love Or Fear

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Until we can pinpoint the underlying cause of fear we will struggle with the unrest that diminishes the awareness and experience of our own perfect peace and joy, which is our natural inheritance. When we narrow it down to all the emotions we can experience, the good news is there are only two choices, making our decision-making process simple. There is love, our deepest desire. And then there’s that thing we call fear, which we find intolerable. In the long run, love is really everything, and fear is truly nothing.

Fear and conflict are interchangeable and certainly nothing we want in our lives. Let’s assume for the moment that fear is a decision, which can be overcome by changing our mind with a slight nod to love. If a person is willing to unify their thought system, and release themselves from conflict/fear, then what remains are thoughts that are eternal: Love, peace, and happiness. This seeming miracle is accomplished through our willingness to forgive everyone and everything.

What Causes Fear?

Not knowing, being in the dark, or feeling deprived of something we think we need or want is a set-up for not living in peace. Fear takes all kinds of forms, which can range from mild anxiety to full-blown rage, to the deepest depression and thoughts of suicide. Regardless of the form of the fear, it is always based on denial of truth and reality and is inevitably the result of holding grievances. Fearlessness is the release from illusion and the acceptance of what is.

Conflict results in fear because of its inherent lack of stability. It keeps us going back and forth between love and fear, and therefore deprives us of permanent peace. Those who live their lives in fear are not experiencing peace, because peace of mind is whole – one without an opposite – which leaves no room for fear.

Regardless of the form of the fear, it is always based on denial of truth and reality and is inevitably the result of holding grievances.

As long as we believe the world is responsible for how we feel or see ourselves, we will automatically believe we are at the mercy of unseen forces, which results in fear. This dilemma is a total fantasy! No one and nothing in the world has the power to prevent us from making a different decision, or changing our mind.

The very thing we wanted all along is hidden beneath our thoughts of fear, which is always a secret vow and statement that we are unworthy of love. Scarcity consciousness results in making us feel deprived of the only thing we want. And fear is the only idea that prevents us from experiencing our perfectly natural total love.

Truth is constant, reliable, real, and there for us if we want it. Each of us will need to practice forgiveness until we feel the fear dissolve from our thought system, and experience the happiness that comes to take its place with the full realization that Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood ©  2016

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