The Value Of Highly Sensitive People In The Workplace

highly sensitive personHave you ever been told at work that you are overly sensitive or take things too personally? If so, you just might be one of the 15-20% with Highly Sensitive People (HSP) traits.  It is a recognized condition which affects both humans and animals and has characteristics including: feeling emotions and empathizing more deeply; being sensitive to light or noise; over-analyzing situations; and having a high attention to detail. 

Highly Sensitive People are assets to any business. Here are just 5 qualities that a HSP can bring to the workplace:

1. They care about details and notice things others do not. They make great quality control specialists and can spot tiny flaws at a hundred paces. HSP’s are also very adept at processing a lot of information and remembering it!

2. They are conscientious – always thinking through the consequences of the actions or inaction of themselves and others. They tend to be people pleasers, always trying to do the right thing and will do anything to avoid criticism as it hurts them so deeply.

3. They are highly intuitive – picking up on clues from others and having a good sense of what is going on without it being explicitly stated. They have an excellent radar for the emotions of others and this makes them sensitive communicators.

4. They are empathetic  and tend to be the glue in a team; good at interfacing with other departments and naturally see things from another’s point of view. They feel others’ emotions deeply and will stand up for what is fair and right.

5. They are culturally sensitive – which can put others at ease, especially in businesses that cross international boundaries.

Being sensitive is not a weakness, it is a great strength. Most people might be surprised at the difference so-called ‘soft skills’ can make.  So, if you find HSP’s in your workforce, nurture and value them for what they can bring to the organisation.

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British Bedu

British Bedu is a Guest Writer for and is an English girl living in Qatar in the Middle East since 2013. She has worked for many years in the Broadcasting Industry, including the BBC and Aljazeera, and ran her own record label. Among other things, she is a freelance writer, cyclist, and adventurer.  Her greatest hope is that we will learn to understand each other and find common ground between us because whatever we are, we are all human first. Read more about her travels and experience through her blog here 

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