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TIM YUNKER   Denver CO    Acoustic   Alternative    A’Cappella   Hip-Hop

Reigning from his stomping grounds of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, and presently residing in Denver, Tim Yunker blends his obsession with various harmonies and A’Cappella pieces in creating his signature, R&B/Soul sound. As a singer/songwriter, the Hip-Hop layer of his secular sound becomes evident in the beatboxing, rhythms, and synths that are juxtaposed throughout his songs.

Growing up in a musical household where he was saturated in the listening pleasures of Old School, Jubilee Gospel and Folk music, Tim Yunker never received formal, instrumental or vocal training. Influenced by such industry artists who include: The Golden Gate Quartet, Mitchell’s Christian Singers, and Blind Willie Johnson, Tim  released his full-fledged, debut album Travelin’ Shoes which was written, produced, engineered and performed by Tim in his personally owned and operated studio. The success of the compilation also spawned the success of songs like: Locked Out Of Your Heart, Love Left Me Behind, Give Up On Me, and A Little Space. Each song pays homage to Tim’s journey towards the unknown. Yunker uses his lyrics to evoke a strong sense of emotion in his growing fan-base.

Guitarist Alex Buxton hooked up with Yunker in 2008, and drummer Chris Winslow soon joined the duo to fill out the current trio known as The Sound Junkies. Their most recent release Microphones Don’t Lie is getting heavy spins on many platforms and reflects the unique flavor and original sound of this ultra cool band.

Tim has taken another major step in the music business and now runs The Tim Yunker Media Group – a full service production agency for recording, videos, distribution, and artist management.

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