The Journey To Completion

Accepting completionFrom our first breath until our last, most of us will be on the hunt for a mind-altering, insanely intense love experience that will save us from the doldrums of life on earth, and offer us our own completion. Typically, we are seeking for consummation with the understanding that we might have to search for a while until we find “the one” to make our life complete. For what is our purpose in life without love?

Most of our search will be spent trying to find a permanent fix through material means, with sex at the top of the list as the way to solidify our “special relationship.” But our first clue that sex is not the cement of any relationship should be obvious with the current divorce rate parked at nearly 40 percent.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Our intense, dedicated search for love implies that we are either without love or need more because we are lacking. This assumption forces us to waste an inordinate amount of time looking for something we already have. Ironically, there is no lack since love surrounds us, saturates everything that is, and is the stuff we are made of.

In truth, what we are really looking for is a love that already belongs to us: a love we mistakenly believe is hidden in the body of another person; a love we believe we have to extract from someone else to prove we are worthy. And when the object of our desire fails to satisfy our conditions we see them as the cause of unhappiness, hold grievances against them, and the love affair collapses on itself. 

When the truth dawns on our mind it is always with the understanding that we not only have perfect love, we are perfect love.


When the truth dawns on our mind it is always with the understanding that we not only have perfect love, we are perfect love. This might take some doing to get to this stage of acceptance, and be willing to receive the elation that comes through understanding that we not only have everything, we are everything.

Substitutes For Love

With all the forms to choose from to enhance our lives, one thing they all have in common is their inability to make us feel complete. This is the only thing we can count on to be consistently true in the material world. It also highlights the fact that no amount of material wealth or status will ever be enough, which is why we are insatiable in our quest for fire.

Amazingly enough, the Source that loves us can and will use what we have made to imprison ourselves as a means to set us free. This may seem impossible to understand but is still completely within our reach. We can learn to accept our joy for every situation in our lives simply by expressing gratitude.

There is no substitute for love that will ever satisfy us. The world spins on the belief that love is impossible here, so it makes no sense to search for what we want in a place that denies the existence of universal love and makes us feel unworthy. Bottom line is that love is in the world, but not of this world.

Love is in the world but not of the world.

Love cannot be taken from anyone. It is held safely within our thoughts while patiently waiting for us to extend our love to increase our joy. The only decision that prevents us from acknowledging our perfect completion is grievances, which block our memory of love.

The Fountain Of Love

Everyone recognizes that being happy is healthy. The pharmaceutical drug industry and natural supplement companies are vying for a big chunk of our spare change, holding out fountain of youth remedies intended to keep the body vital for its stay here.

With a billion articles and claims as to the best pills to pop, it should still be obvious that material solutions are incapable of carrying us beyond a brief moment in time. In the end we are always let down and finally lie down in our final resting place — all remedies and potions have failed us.

And though we turn in sadness from this illusion of life, with a small nod to Love, and the willingness to accept the fact that only truth is true, we have cause for celebration.

Finding Love In Solitude

The incessant chatter of the ego’s monkey mind is so distracting that we can barely hear ourselves think. All that noise is a cry for love disguised as “something else.” Its loud and strident voice is constantly berating our efforts to shake it off while convincing us that, regardless of the truth, we are unworthy of love.

With a clear-cut goal to experience peace again, we need a sacred space in our daily activities to regroup and recharge without distractions. A solitary moment in time is enough to accomplish our mission.

The reason love is completely powerful is simple: Love is very quiet for there is no conflict in love, which makes it completely gentle. Nothing can unseat the power of gentleness.

In order to meet the condition of the law of love, it is essential that we quiet our mind. That condition, like love itself, is one: Love One Another.

Genuine Love: Fulfillment, Joy, And Happiness

No one is exempt from the circle of Love. This inclusion reveals that oneness is our name and happiness is our game. In order to experience this miraculous reality, each person will be responsible for their own willingness to release themselves from all conflict. Are you game?

Oneness is our name and happiness is our game.

This means forgiving everyone and everything that we think we see, hear, feel, express, receive, give, hope for, and dream of. None of our judgments matter in the face of reality and do not have the power to change the truth by one iota.

In one complete moment of forgiveness, the mind becomes a clean slate with no memory of pain, suffering, or grievances. This moment causes our thoughts to tumble and expand into a consciousness that sets up a three-fold chain reaction to experience genuine love.

Forgiveness, Apology, Gratitude = Completion

Our desire to help others reach this stage results in extending an apology to remove any sense of coercion, which results in a victimless, take-no-prisoners situation. With the release of all grievances, the reality of the love that saturates our being leaves us with a sense of gratitude that never ends.

Only genuine love is capable of carrying us forward to this place of perfect serenity. Because love is an act of sharing, we cannot contain its energy as it is released to everything so the world benefits as a whole.

Source Of Love

Love 101 classes should be a prerequisite in grade school to help us understand that the love we are seeking is our own and we have it now.

What a wonderful world it will be when this awareness reaches the masses who feel starved for love and affection. Intolerance and suffering will fly out the window as the Power of Love comes to take its rightful place in our hearts and minds.

Here is the identity we all share and the aim of our underlying search for truth in this limited world. Since we came from love, we are the same as love – all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent, and everything we could possibly hope for in our wildest dreams.

Be still, draw love down through self, and distribute it out of the heart to everyone. Seek this place within and discover why Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © 2017

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