The Only Remedy: Take Love Seriously

One World HeartAs individuals we may not yet be aware of our calling or purpose, or even recognize that we have something to accomplish while we are here. But we can rest assured that all of us share the same purpose because our function is to bring peace to the world. To accomplish this we need to release ourselves from conflict and unify our thought system. 

Some might think easier said than done, but nothing is more difficult than attempting to maintain two diametrically opposed thought systems while striving for peace and happiness.

Take a Stand — Choose Peace

The first order is to decide what kind of day we want. In spite of all the depressing and sad news the media and world are dishing out every minute, each of us has a perfect right and ability to rise above the turmoil and accept our natural joy.

Our only question for each situation that arises is to determine what our goal is, and the desired outcome. What do we want?

Vigilance will be required to stand our ground in the face of seeming adversity. Those who have learned to see through the veil know that the trials and tribulations of the human race are caused by one single problem: We refuse to love one another.

Keeping this recognition foremost in our mind will easily help us translate all attack into a cry for love, and understand that the remedy is readily available every single second. Perhaps we have chosen to abandon love. But Love has never abandoned us because it never wavers in its purpose or function, which is to extend itself to everything eternally.

Love is no secret. The Light of Love literally blinds us to this world, and makes it clear which way we should go. Why should we guess?

Never Waver

Regardless of what we think we see in this world, it is imperative to fully understand that the world is an illusion. Reality is changeless and cannot be turned into a lie, or suddenly transformed into its opposite.

The reason nothing in the world ever fully satisfies us, or makes us feel complete, is because nothing in the world is eternal. A temporary device will always fail to offer us lasting peace and joy.

Make a Commitment

No one can be totally committed part of the time. Completion, like its expression of peace and happiness, is not a part-time experience, and we are either happy or not. Let us remember that the function of relationships is to “make happy,” and nothing else.

Reality has this amazing ability to sidestep obstacles, overlook illusions, make straight our path, and erase all doubts and fear from our mind. Is this something we should be reluctant to share? Sharing is how we keep what we want.

Teach Only Love

A perfect example of how our perception keeps us bound to the notion of separation is the fact that most of us fear love and cherish conflict. As insane as it sounds, the proof is that there are hundreds of wars and conflicts on the planet at any given moment – the United States alone is currently involved in nearly 135 conflicts.

And then there’s the war that rages on in the mind of individuals who try to keep their own conflict a secret. The person who knows it, however, is the one keeping the secret. We will never have peace as long as we believe that war is strong and love is weak. Our task is not to seek for love, for we are all saturated and surrounded by The Source of Love.

Love cannot be contained, confined or limited. When we are willing to share love’s essence we will experience limitless joy.

Our only task is to remove all the blocks to the awareness of love within our own thought system. Forgiveness is the means; peace of mind is the result. See how simple salvation is? With a slight change in our thoughts we would instantly recognize that the only safety lies in the gentleness of Love’s protection. Seek this above all else.

Protect Those Who Reach Out for Help

Think of yourself as the salvation of the world because each of us has a role to play in healing. Our individual part is small but mighty. And no one else can fulfill our part, which is to bring peace to the world by bringing peace to our own mind.

In order to accomplish this miracle we will need to forgive the world and set it free from the unloving thoughts we have held against it. This step will bring us peace and only then will we see peace reflected everywhere.

Our Vibe Builds Our Tribe

All clichés aside, it is true that birds of a feather flock together. Like-minded people will find each other, increase their light, and catch each other if they fall. Strength in numbers has shown us the power of shared ideas that gain momentum as they move round the world. Thoughts turn into the most powerful healing remedy when they are shared because love is an act of sharing.

Love cannot be contained, confined or limited. When we are willing to share love’s essence we will experience limitless joy. Our Highest Self is in tune with reality. In reality there is no fear in love, no sickness, no bodies, no death, and no separation. 

The road to peace is full of travelers. Isn’t it nice to know we have such great company with us on our journey?

Exalt Love To Its Rightful Place

Tossing love overboard or kicking it to the curb isn’t the best way to find our way home or accomplish our purpose. If we cast out what we want and desire more than anything else, we will automatically feel deprived and teach scarcity consciousness.

We owe it to ourselves to stop the madness we think we see in a world that has nearly lost everything of real value through judgment, confusion, and fear. The inhabitants of this collective home choose this situation over love on a daily basis, and look at the result. Join the unhooked generation and learn to walk the talk. This will spare us untold grief. The separation from love never happened, and our willingness to share our love with everyone demonstrates our acceptance of this simple truth.

Peace and joy are our birthright and our natural state. Any discord we seem to experience is always the result of limiting our extension of love. This means we find ourselves unworthy. Why else would we limit our happiness? Be glad we are mistaken, for the world needs our blessing as much as we do. Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © 2017

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