The Last Flight Out

The Last Flight Out

THE LAST FLIGHT OUT    Denver CO    Blues    Rock Pop   Alternative

THE LAST FLIGHT OUT distinguish themselves from the pack by successfully merging Blues, Country, Rock, and Funk, resulting in multi-generational appeal … a crossover mix that spans the acoustic intimacy of Sarah McLachlin, the blues sassiness of Bonnie Raitt, and the rock explosiveness of Bob Seger. They are regularly invited to perform at premier events across Colorado’s Front Range. Their live show is energetic and their radio-friendly originals bring audiences a fresh new listening experience with the familiarity of putting on their favorite old blue jeans.

What people are saying about The Last Flight Out

What an amazing song! Thank you for sharing ‘Just Not Christmas’ and I look forward to sharing with our audience. Thank you so very much!
– Chuck Lontine – GM – KKVM 104.7 FM – Vail CO

Instrumentally speaking, these folks are over the top, but when you add the soulful voice of Julia Bryan, it’s no wonder why Mile Hi Radio has their entire catalogue in daily rotation – it’s ALL THAT GOOD!
– Hoss – C.E.O. Mile Hi Radio

The Last Flight Out . . . what an amazing band. Julia Bryan has one beautiful voice. I Love her music . . . could and do listen to it as often as I can — especially live!
– Marilyn Kahlich – HobNob Events and Festivals

There is a force within Julia Bryan. A positive energy that tugs and pulls, like powerful, attracted magnets. A dynamic liveliness like pulsating waves, touching the shore and slowly rejoining the ocean; a charismatic spark the audience craves in a lead singer for it makes her believable, but still out of reach.
– Dave Preston, Singer-Songwriter and Matt Morris’s guitar player

Talk about a class act! TLFO is teeming with undercurrents of pizazz and sizzle – with comfortable, cool lyrics, flashy guitar work, and the shimmering vocals of Julia Bryan – this band is loaded with enough material to keep you busy for some time to come.  Keyword: Passion for the long run.
– Carmen Allgood – Producer/Host WorldWideWavez Radio

Gotta love a woman who can sing and play the blues!
– Brad White – KBCO 97.3 FM – Boulder CO – World Class Rock!

TLFO is out of the live music circuit for the moment, and focusing on recording only, under Jeff Norman’s Say When Music studio. Visit their site for free downloads, and other groovy stuff going on.

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