Bruce Swanson Bass Man

Bruce Swanson Bass Man

BRUCE SWANSON ‘BASS MAN’  Denver CO    Instrumental  Soundtrack 

Four String Steroid Infused Sonic Sonatas that pump with authentic alchemy of rebellious and joyful intensity … producing high-energy, bass-driven instrumental songs that lay down a healthy groove mix of Rock, Funk, and Jazz, creating a new sound; very contemporary and heavy on the beat.

Music from my BIG BOTTOM CD is a good fit with extreme sports footage or any sports scene underscoring. This video link for You Tube offers a good illustration of the two together. I am the sole copyright owner and publisher and all my music is available for licensing for Film and TV use.

This is the video using Peccadillo Polka

And here’s the vid for Limo Fulla Fun

Check out more music at Muzlink  Blog Bass Man BS   Bruce Swanson Reverbnation


Contact me   720.480.7315

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