Timothy Wenzel

Timothy Wenzel

TIMOTHY WENZEL    Midland MI    New Age    Celtic    Acoustic    Fusion

My name is Tim Wenzel (aka videoscore Music Compositions, Timothy’s Dreams, Coyote Floe  – the name is still evolving but for now it’s just Timothy Wenzel) and I write music for visual media and for inspirational listening. My style is broad, original and darn hard to define. I’ve heard someone call it New Age/Celtic acoustic fusion. Well, I guess it falls somewhere in there depending on my mood. I think it fills the much-needed gap between ambient and cacophony. Do you want to hear lobotomy music or music that makes you want a lobotomy? Why not kick back, close your eyes and let visions flow. Like a film, a sweeping panorama, a vision.

My song Snow Falling Softly was nominated as a finalist for the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) in January 2011 in the New Age/Ambient category.

I have collaborated with several talented singers from around the globe to bring to life the lyrics that I occasionally write, and also with many other musicians – and I am open to collaborations with any artists.

My background is, well, an immiscible emulsion: By day, I am a practicing PhD chemist working on breakthrough discoveries. By night, I transform into a dreamy conduit for music creation. I play electronic keyboards but use no loops or other synthetic accessories, focusing entirely on acoustical instruments.

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