The Heart Is A Happy Hunter

Good dog

The most widely sought after experience in the world is happiness. Some call it love, joy, source, contentment, completion, the cure, peace, healing, nirvana, or God. Since no one seems to have come up with a definition expansive enough to describe the power that holds the universe together, or fully explain… Continue reading

No Footprints When We Go

Casa de la Memoria Indomita

Mexican artist Alfredo Lopez Casanova has created quite a stir with his “life imitates art” display that brings the plight of missing persons to the forefront of citizens’ hearts and minds around the world. Casanova’s “Hanging Shoes” exhibit opened May 9 and ran through June 25, 2016 at the Casa de… Continue reading

Sharpshooter Fires 150 Rounds At Eagle To Save Its Life

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On June 30, U.S. Army Veteran, Jason Galvin, and his wife, Jackie, were spending the 4th of July holiday at their Rush City, Minnesota cabin when they spotted an American Bald Eagle dangling upside down in a tree with a rope wrapped around one leg. After notifying authorities about the… Continue reading

4/20 Singing ‘Reefer Blues’ While On Legal Roll

joint in motion

Despite all the news about decriminalizing cannabis around the world, a segment of society still has a Reefer Madness mentality etched into its psyche. And even though marijuana is the most popular “illegal drug” used worldwide, there are those who firmly believe that smoking pot is a gateway to hard drugs such as… Continue reading

Destress In The Material World – For Free!

unwind get in tune

We can spend a small fortune trying to maintain our health and optimize our energy for the duration of our visit here. In reality, the most beneficial measures we can take to release the stress and toxicity we accumulate are free and readily available for everyone. In order to heal… Continue reading