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We can spend a small fortune trying to maintain our health and optimize our energy for the duration of our visit here. In reality, the most beneficial measures we can take to release the stress and toxicity we accumulate are free and readily available for everyone.

In order to heal – for this is what our journey is always about – we will need to stay focused on the mental realm of our experience, which also governs our emotional body. All healing is for the mind and is attained through peace, which makes the body incidental in the scheme of things.

Realign – One Problem, One Solution

The primary problem we seem to have is a sense of separation from love. Recognizing that the separation never happened can be a slow dawn. But the full-blown awareness that this is “our problem” can be solved in a heartbeat for one simple reason: We are completely connected to the Source of Love. Therefore, the “problem” is causeless and does not exist.

Attaining this state of mind can take some serious undoing. Most of us are not willing to admit we are worthy of love right now and have set up a ton of blocks that make it seem like a long and winding road to get back to our reality. These blocks to the awareness of love within our own thought system are what must be undone. Undoing is for illusions, and is accomplished through the acceptance of reality, which cannot alter, change, or be undone.

Retune – Forgive Everyone and Everything

This is the most critical decision we can make that will guarantee us the peace we are all seeking. There is not a pill or potion that is capable of taking the place of simple forgiveness. While some will argue that it is extremely difficult to forgive, what could possibly be more agonizing than holding grievances and grudges while clamoring for peace of mind?

Peace of mind is free and with us now if we are willing to lay down our mental weapons and claim our natural inheritance.

Everything else falls into place with ease after this step. Forgiveness results in gratitude, which results in happiness. And there will never be another experience capable of making us feel more successful than being happy and at peace.

Reprogram – Unplug From The World

Bad news – who needs it? There is so much negativity presented to us in mainstream media that our first line of defense is to hit the “off/delete” button and blow it in the dust. Make it a habit to give kudos for all the kindness and loving actions that are really taking place in our world today.

Understanding that every problem presented to us is the consequence of our refusal to love one another and the remedy becomes clear and obvious. There is no need to wait on the world to rise above turmoil and conflict. Each of us can choose to love and offer healing, and feel loved and healed right now as a result. Do that.

Repattern – Visualize Peace

Spending one day without judgment will unveil such a remarkable tribute to our personal power that we just might decide to give it up altogether. Loss of peace can be attributed to viewing those who are just like us as being different. Since the truth about everyone is the same, there is nothing to judge for or against.

Daily mind training and affirmations will save us eons of time as we each take our rightful place among the Teachers of Love in this world. Those who choose to start the day with happiness in their heart leave an indelible footprint on their path that enables others to clearly see the way through the light that is left behind for others to follow.

Recalibrate – Help Others

In a world that houses nearly 7 billion human souls, it is tragic that so many people feel alone and unloved. This sets up a tremendous “cry for love” on the planet which calls for action now. Turn off the cell phone, take someone’s hand, look them in the eye, and share the moment.

Reenergize – Hang Out With Plants and Animals

Animals keep us from feeling so lonely here. It is hard to imagine what it would be like without the devotion of our furry friends. Lessons in unconditional love abound in our relationship with animals.
Dog consciousness

Plants are one of most important living entities in our material world, and the first to show up following cataclysmic events. It just stands to reason that their gentle yet powerful vibe can influence our own physicality and mental-emotional nature with their potent force of love. Start plants from seed and spend time growing with them. Nurturing plants and animals demonstrates a kind and compassionate way to reconnect with the spirit world.

Resonate – Inclusion

Practice “we” instead of “me” … inclusion recognizes we are all one. Saying “I love you” is the easiest way to connect with our own love. And it doesn’t cost anything while it generates the biggest dividends we can imagine. Instead of “What’s in it for me?” try “What’s in it from me?”

Rise Above – Holy Work

The most influential saviors and teachers in this world are also the greatest servants. Are you one with yourself and the universe? Tasks that modernists deem “menial” are actually holy works disguised as cooking, cleaning, and caring for others. Performing these tasks enriches our in-the-now experience for the giver and receiver, who is always one and the same.

Reunion – Express Gratitude

What forgiveness is to healing, gratitude is to wholeness. They form a straight line and merge together in a seamless golden thread that bears witness to the reality of all living things. Denial becomes a thing of the past when the heart is illumined and recognizes beyond all doubt that Love is the Answer.

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Stevie Wonder has devoted his life work to promoting what he refers to as “Love Mentalism.” A beautiful example is the song “Love’s In Need Of Love Today” found on his classic 1976 album, “Songs In The Key Of Life” (Motown Records).

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