New Zealand! Drew Bowden Takes You There …

drew bowden nz

Independent artist, Drew Bowden delivers the goods visually along with a sonic wave that carries us to the peace and serenity of our inner vibe with this award-winning song and video. If you have never been to New Zealand, sit back, relax and explore the wonder and mystery of this beautiful country. Majestic mountains, tropical forests, stunning sunny beaches, and a wee slice of Kiwiana countryside & surfing kids who catch the waves whenever they can. 

Bowden’s song “Peaceful Now” is a very cool reminder that “thoughts are energy, you’re the one who holds your power, ignorance is bliss, we have been this way too long…” and wraps it all up with his stellar delivery as a top-notch singer and composer. Bowden has no problem being one of the great messengers of our time with the ageless message that underneath it all – we are love. Thanks for tagging along, and share this wave with people you love, because Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © April 2016

Music Vid – Courtesy Drew Bowden 3 – Peaceful Now

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