The Evolution Of The Sexual Revolution – Part 2

Astral Sex scene

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The Roaring 20’s Everything in the early to mid-1900’s seemed to be sinful. By definition sin = lacks of love. Prohibition kicked into high gear in 1920 and underground speakeasies ran rampant through the modern world. Oddly enough, marijuana was legal but alcohol was suddenly taboo. Nudge-nudge wink-wink meant liquor… Continue reading

The ‘Kumbaya Experience’ – What The World Needs Now

Kumbaya Campfire

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Show Me The Meaning Of The Word Most of us know the words to the spiritual folk song “Kumbaya.” Boy and Girl Scouts, families, and friends have been singing it softly in perfect harmony around campfires for nearly 100 years. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this beloved sing-along is still… Continue reading