New Zealand! Drew Bowden Takes You There …

drew bowden nz

Independent artist, Drew Bowden delivers the goods visually along with a sonic wave that carries us to the peace and serenity of our inner vibe with this award-winning song and video. If you have never been to New Zealand, sit back, relax and explore the wonder and mystery of this beautiful country. Majestic mountains, tropical forests, stunning sunny beaches, and a wee slice of Kiwiana countryside & surfing kids who catch the waves whenever they can.  Continue reading

3 Rules 4 Love

hand it to you

Enjoy a flashback to sweet memories when One Love wholeheartedly captured the hearts and imagination of people around the world. Don’t allow the attraction to truth and reality be silenced in the face of seeming adversity. The love wave never ceases to soothe the soul of every generation, always casting a bright light on a… Continue reading

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Woodstock stage

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In 1967 we saw “The Summer of Love” gathering speed, setting the stage in San Francisco for a radical change that no one could have predicted. Perhaps Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce saw it coming. And Artie Kornfeld, one of the producers of the biggest rock concert to ever step foot on… Continue reading

The Choice Made Clear – Choose Love Or Fear

red love heart

Until we can pinpoint the underlying cause of fear we will struggle with the unrest that diminishes the awareness and experience of our own perfect peace and joy, which is our natural inheritance. When we narrow it down to all the emotions we can experience, the good news is there are only… Continue reading